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Flower Display Page: Solanum.

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Family description Solanum.

Solanum genus contains many varied plants that range from deadly poisonous to staple food supplies. Amoungst the edibles are the potato, tomato, capsicums and chilli, aubergene and many more. Others are common flowering plants for the garden. Make sure you know what you are eating.

General care.

Once planted, ensure the plant always gets adequate supplies of water. Give a feed of fertilizer occasionally to encourage fruit to grow well. An easy plant to look after.

Notes on Toxicity or Culinary usage.

No toxic, culinary or medicinal properties known.


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Species description. Solanum capsicastrum.

Winter cherries are usually planted as winter bedding in pots or window boxes to provide colour during the most difficult time of the year. They are perennial though, and make neat little shrubs in a sheltered border. The small white flowers appear continuously from midsummer onwards and while these are fairly insignificant, they are soon followed by fruits about the size of a cherry. These fruits start off green but quickly change colour through yellow and orange, to red. Solanum capsicastrum is well worth growing as a single plant in a pot for the patio where it will become an asset for many years. Do not eat the fruit though as they contain toxins.

Winter cherry grown as a pot plant. 

Display characteristics for Solanum capsicastrum.

Flower colours and blooming period.


Foliage colours and disply period


Fruit colours and fruiting period

  • Plant type: Dicotyledon. Evergreen
  • Habit: Rounded
  • Type: Shrub. Perennial.
  • Height: 0.70 mtr.
  • Spread: 0.50 mtr.
  • Attractive to wildlife: None
  • Preferred soil type: Clay. Loam. Silt.
  • Soil moisture requirement: Medium
  • Soil ph: Undefined
  • Suitable position: Border. Container. Basket.
  • Light requirements: Full sun. Part sun.
  • Summer water requirements: Medium
  • Winter water requirements: None
  • Minimum temperature: -6 °c
  • Safe Minimum temperature: 0 °c
  • Safe Maximum temperature: 30 °c
  • Maximum temperature: 0 °c
  • Wind tolerance: Medium
  • Salt tolerance: None
  • Drought tolerance: Medium
  • Waterlogging tolerance: Medium
  • Toxicity-Edibility: Severe illness posible
  • Bloom attributes: Showy display.
  • Foliage attributes: Showy display.
  • Berry attributes: Showy display.