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Every week something is attacking your plants. Check them out and be prepared to deal with the situation.

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Type: Insect mite. Threat level: 8


Just when you have everything growing nicely, something sneaks into the garden and spoils your work. Pests may use stealth and slowly build up numbers, unnoticed in early stages, or turn up overnight to annihilate your favourite plants.

Insects and their larve along with slugs and snails are the most common pests but a number of animals can also do a lot of damage in the garden. These animals range from small mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents to the larger rabbits, foxes, badgers and deer. Some eat the plants, others just destroy them. The result is the same.

Organic vs Non organic control

Wherever possible, I have tried to give organic or eco-friendly guidance to the control of these gardener's troubles, but ultimately, the choice is yours. It is all too easy to reach for some poison and zap everything in sight. The trouble is just that, you end up zapping everything, including the predators that are trying to help you get rid of the pests.