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Garden maintenance.

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No more excuses. Find out what needs to be done this month to keep your garden neat and tidy.

Specific Gardening tasks.

Moriati's Compost Method.

Find out how to make the finest garden compost using the minimum of effort and money. This article remains pretty much in its original form as it appeared in 1998 apart from the gradual addition of photos. Moriati not only invented this method of composting, he is also responsible for the now common term 'Green Dalek'.

Making neat lawn edges.

Edges of the lawn can make or break the beauty of your garden. Learn how to make nice edges to your lawn in this step-by-step guide.

Sweeping leaves.

Don't you just love them. One minute they look lovely on the trees, next they are all over the garden. The only easy way to deal with this is to pay someone else to do it, but why do so many folks insist on making the task as hard as possible for themselves? Get clued up.

Caring for Wisteria.

Wisteria is one of those plants that when grown well is a classical show stopper, but in the wrong hands can stubbornly refuse to flower.

Caring for Hydrangea.

Hydrangea plants require complex pruning once a year if they are to be a real asset to the garden. Step-by-step guide with photos.

Coming shortly..

Tools of the Trade.


Caring for Lawns.


Caring for Hedges.


Image of neat lawn edges.

Garden maintenance

Just the simple words "Do the Garden" frequently turn big men into bowls of jelly, and the sudden twinging pain in the back reminds them of an urgent phone call that cannot wait.

This loathing and fear of gardening is brought about by several different factors listed below:

  • Attempting to use tools of poor quality.
  • Doing specific tasks at the wrong time.
  • Using inapropriate methods.
  • Inefficient use of time and labour.
  • Just lazy.

THe last item is beyond my control but the various pages in this section should assist the novice to overcome the other list items.

This month's tasks.

This section highlights the tasks you should focus on in the typical suburban garden at this time of the year. Each job has a short description and a picture where appropriate. While it does assume that your garden is already in reasonable order, we always have to start somewhere and the seasons soon come round again. Prime time for getting control is during the winter months.

Choosing the right tools.

While good tools are never cheap, the most expensive is not neccessarily the best buy. The page about tools and their care covers the good and bad points of various tools with information on their general use and routine care.

Detailed plant-care guides.

Several topics require far too much detail to fit comfortablely within the confines of the monthly tasks page. These topics require lots of photos to demonstrate the principles involved and have been given their own page.

These pages cover specific plants with complex pruning and general care such as Wisteria, Hydrangea pruning and trimming Privet hedges. With a page devoted to an individual plant, the subject is covered in greater detail. More photos and step-by-step breakdown of the process should assist the reader to understand the purpose and practical approach to the task in hand.

More topics will be added if the demand is apparent and the time is available.

Utility tasks.

Not all gardening is glamorous producing high profile results for onlookers. some important tasks take place behind the scenes or go unnoticed simply because they have been done.

One such utility task is attending to the compost heap. Many people think of the compost heap as a convenient place to dump the rubbish, or as a handy place for the gardener to skive off work. Let's look at it this way. If the sink gets blocked, the kitchen comes to a standstill. The compost heap performs a similar vital function moving sudden deluges of waste for processing and recycling.

Like all the other routine tasks, I have refined the process of compost-making to a fine artform over the years. Check out Moriati's method of composting, where the financial outlay is zero and the effort is not much more, yet the output is guarenteed to produce large quantities of usable compost every year.


If you find yourself in the position of looking at the garden not knowing where to start, or the sole outcome of an entire weekends work is blisters, you should find these pages useful. Just like an army on the move, I have a procedure for every event, a tool for each task complete with a suitable method of deployment.